bring it! it's already been broughten! (ladiorange) wrote in ljmeetuplondon,
bring it! it's already been broughten!

Mailing List

Please fill in your email address so that you can receive up-to-date information regarding meetups from ljmeetuplondon >at< (all bcc'd btw)

Poll #1271649 What is your email address?

Please let me know your email address?

Most information will be posted in this community however, following the tradition, an email will be sent regarding
- reminders for polls to establish dates, times, and venues
- confirmed information regarding meetups
- any last minute changes

In the event that meetup details change, you will be sent an email as not all of us have access to LiveJournal all of the time.

To change the email address you have given to us or to remove it entirely, please click here.

This poll was creating in Oct 2008 to keep track of current people who are interested in meeting up.
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