bring it! it's already been broughten! (ladiorange) wrote in ljmeetuplondon,
bring it! it's already been broughten!

LJ Meetup 26-10-04 TONIGHT

London LiveJournal Meetup
Tuesday 26th October 2004

The London LiveJournal Meetup is TONIGHT at the Candid Cafe at 8pm in London. It's all right if you haven't RSVPed at the website ~ you can just turn up if you want... And, as you've probably already guessed, I am going.

The Candid Gallery Cafe is at 3 Torrens St in Angel Islington EC1V 1NQ

map of Candid Cafe

Hope to see you guys there tonight!!!

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I will be there.

See you there (if you are going?)

I won't be there, sorry, but the work here is hectic and I'm even working weekends to try and get all the stuff done I need to do.

Hope you have a great evening, you can text or phone me and make me jealous if you like ;)

The one lj meetup I can make in MONTHS and you make some
excuse about work {Grins}.

If I was paronoid I'd say you were trying to tell me something :-)

Hey, I just joined this place and heard about this meeting, I'm very busy this weekend so I can't make it unfortunately. But, I'll consider it in future.