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London Meetup

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Meetup Community

Thank you for joining this community and taking time to read the UserInfo.

We appreciate everything you have to say to make events better. Better locations, better times, better information. Please email us at ljmeetuplondon AT googlemail.com at any time to tell us what you think.

To always get the latest information, please let us know your email address HERE.

• F • A • Q •

When is the next event? If one isn't mentioned on the main journal page, then one isn't planned.

What's up with all this mention of "meetup.com"??? Meetup.com used to be a free service for people all over the world to organise meetups based on shared interests. It still exists today however, due to the fact that they charge organisers, we will no longer be organising meetups through them.

Why should I give you my email address? How do I know you won't spam me? You have no way of knowing if you will be spammed. Emails are a part of the original set up of meetup.com and a nice way to ensure all members are advised of new polls. It's important that you know the details of meetups as well.

How many emails will I be sent? You will only receive 3-4 emails per event. The first, reminding you to vote in the poll determinig date. Possibly also venue and time. The second, reminding you to vote in the poll establishing date, venue and anything else. The third with all the details of the event, reminding you to RSVP. The last, a few days before the event, with the details and, again, ensuring you have let us know if you can make it. Some venues need to be booked in advance so we are really interested in establishing about how many people can attend each event.

Do I have to give you my email address? No, but if you want email reminders mentioned above, please give it to us!

Why aren't you organising this for all of the UK? Maybe with enough support (that is, people turning up...) we can organise a UK wide one in the future.

When did this start?
roxy641 organised the events from August 2002 onwards with the help and support of petersheil. The first event was in Freedom Brewery. roxy641 was the sole organiser on meetup.com. petersheil was the sole maintainer of this community up until around April 2004 when ladiorange joined the ranks. In April 2005 meetup.com started charging and removed the London Livejournal profile from it's site. This community did not have a single post from May 2005 until October 2008. petersheil stepped down as a maintainer of this community in October 2008.

We are always happy to get feedback and maybe even more people to help organise.

What can I do? Spread the word! These events are open to anyone who is in London and has a LiveJournal.

Even if you do not plan to attend a meetup, please feel free to join to this community as all input is welcome.