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Dear Meetup Organizer,

Thanks for all the feedback these last two weeks regarding the new required Meetup Group Fees. We've been listening very carefully to your suggestions and concerns and have decided to make two changes: Instead of April 30, groups will now have until May 15 to take advantage of the discounted monthly rate of $9. Groups which take advantage of this monthly rate of $9 will be guaranteed that rate for an extra year… all the way until January 1, 2007

We heard many of you ask for more time to get together and discuss how best to pay the Group Fee. As a result of your requests you now have until May 15. This gives every Meetup Group a chance to meet face-to-face and still take advantage of the discounted $9 rate. We also heard that smaller groups wouldn't be able to afford once the price went up in 2006. Now these groups (along with all other groups) have an extra year at the discounted rate of $9 to grow. And for those groups that can already afford the discounted rate of $9, now your per-member costs are even lower! We'll continue to listen and remain committed to building the tools and resources you need to build great groups. Thanks again to everyone for sharing your feedback and concerns,

The Team at

I mean, really! They said "so many groups are paying." Yeah, right. What about 50? I bet many many more have dropped. I waited and waited for them to make me an offer I couldn't refuse but now I'm thinking of actually paying...
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