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salsa etc

after i get my dongle, i'll be able to upload some salsa pix from my new celly. In the mean time, i wanted to share with you info that i'm sure meeping_kitten and cathedrow already know about?

Your Organizer, Diamond, sent the following message to members


I thought I’d update you on what’s going on at meetup, especially since new members have joined meetup since the last time I contacted yourselves.

First of all I’ve had a huge response to the Salsa Event Tonight at 7pm (20th April) at Bar Salsa, near Leicester Square. There is still time to come down and as before the event is totally free including entry and a free beginner’s salsa lesson. So far I’ve had 154 people contacting me to say they wish to come down tonight and there is still room for more.

As I mentioned last time – announced on the 11th April 2005 that they are now going to impose a group charge from 1st May 2005 of $19 per month per group. This equates to $228 a year to keep this group running at The group organiser would have to pay this fee themselves and then collect the money from the group.

I joined meetup over 2 years ago and since I volunteer my time for several groups on meetup (including some very new groups that have yet to get up and fully running) this fee would come to over $1,000 for me. So I plan to be stepping down as a Meetup organiser before 1st May.

After 1st May, anyone wanting to be the group organiser will have to pay meetup $19 a month for the group – if no one steps up to be the organiser then meetup will freeze the group to prevent new events being added to the list. Already many of the London meetup organisers have stepped down from their positions
and unfortunately spammers have taken over some of the groups so they can try and sell you something – usually totally unrelated to being in London.

I’ve spent a lot of time since the announcement on the 11th April trying to find a suitable alternative to meetup but there really isn’t anything out there just yet that is as easy to use. Although many software developers are talking about producing a free meetup clone that people could upload to their own website.

As for myself some of you know that I started my own free website about 14 months ago called – I’ve always kept the site pretty separate from meetup but given the
circumstances and time periods involved I think it’s worth me mentioning it – the goal at EveryTwoWeeks has been to provide at least 2 free London based social and new friends events each month (roughly 2 weeks apart) and the Salsa Event is one of those two. The other main one being the monthly meetup in the
Metropolitan Bar Next door to Baker Street Tube Station. In between that we do a few other events like dinner parties, going to sporting events, horse races, coach trips, etc. But the free monthly events are the main focus.

So rather then put all my efforts into another meetup type site that could go bust or start charging un-expectantly (like meetup has done) I’ll be concentrating my efforts on my own site which has just reached 1,900 members. Hopefully in time I’ll be adding some of the features that meetup had to the site, but for now subscribing to the mailing list on the front-page ( is the only way I can guarantee that you’ll get to know of any future free events like the Free Salsa, and Baker Street After Work Drinks.



Well, I think everyone here who is interested in participating that Mega Meetup type event should sign up at Additionally, there is a forum on there (click on the link "forum" to the left of; if you try to access it from the homepage, the left hand menu doesn't appear.)

As you know, we're going to be keeping our lj meetup group on This is just for those who enjoyed or would like to participate in "mega meetup" type events.

Hope you guys have a great weekend
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