Peter (cathedrow) wrote in ljmeetuplondon,

Changing the way we do things - a proposal

I don't think the meetup thing is exactly what I want. After a ponder, and a chat with a few members, I've got a suggestion which might work better for me, and for others. So heres the proposal.

Currently the meetings are strictly timed, with a fixed venue, with a fixed organiser - and that causes problems. Its inflexible - the group is 'owned' by the organiser, and the organiser alone. For example, at Oriental City, we decided to change venue to the Science Museum. But no-one at the meeting could arrange that, because the organiser was not present.

So here comes my proposal.

We aim to have a meeting at least once a month. Suggestions for venues come from posts to this group. These could be existing venues, or more interestingly, tied to special events. (For example, a particularly interesting debate at the Dana Centre or a film premiere.)

The advantages - by making things more flexible, a meeting will become an event, in which people can share experiences. Meetings will be ever changing, and be much more stimulating.

The disadvantages - meetings would have very little to do with, which kind of defeats the object of the whole group.

I can see both sides, and I'm not sure which way to go on this. But frankly from the attendance numbers, the last two meetings had a poor attendance, and I'd hate to see this group die.

Oh - and one last thing. If you contributed to the decision making process for a meeting, you would have a moral obligation to turn up. Its only fair...

So what do you think?
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