bring it! it's already been broughten! (ladiorange) wrote in ljmeetuplondon,
bring it! it's already been broughten!


I was thinking that we should totally have an agenda for the next meeting. I might not be going because the 22nd is really a... um.. not good night and I haven't decided yet.

But if I do, I was thinking we could at least discuss an agenda. PLEASE COMMENT!!!! even if you are not attending...

First, I would like to discuss frienditto. As always, I love my lj drama. I've never demanded we discuss it til now. Since it is such an interesting issue, though, in regards to how private should a public journal should be. It also has raised the question as to why would a person want to commit in writing their private thoughts to, eh, internet strangers. (though i don't really think of you guys as strangers.

Second, I would LOVE to discuss this entry. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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